Main Screen

At the top of the app’s screen you’ll see controls that allow you to:

  • Open the settings screen (which also contains logs and this help file),
  • Page tabs, including:
    • Summary – presents the monthly, yearly, or inception to date narrative of how your portfolio did — avoiding typical industry jargon.
    • Activity – shows a summary of any daily transactions, which you can drill down to individual trades,
    • Holdings – displays positions as a given import date.  You can also view the positions by investment or use a heat-map to visualize the changes,
    • Performance – presents the rate of return and risk associated with the portfolio.  You can also compare performance to a variety of indexes,
    • Graphs – displays the components of the portfolio using a variety of graphs.
  • Import – allows you to import a variety of files (containing both positions as well as activity),
  • Share – exports the current screen.